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  1. Helloooooo!!  I have to confess I'm new to be honest this is my first one and I'm not sure quite how to go about it.  So go easy on me!

    Firstly a Happy New Year to you all....a month in already and a weird month in to be sure.  I hope you are staying safe and well and that soon we will see a light at the end of this tunnel and I will be able to get together with some of you at groups, workshops and events again.

    AF7ECB9F-CA35-447F-ABD3-44DE57F99658   The shroomy Yule cake.


    Yule came and went in what seemed like the blink of an years day was spent at our allotment (The Lady Garden) clearing it ready for new planting in the spring.  We huddled by the fire and ate smoked salmon sandwiches and toasted the new year with a glass of fizz.  Never has the allotment seen such decadence....we know how to a can't really go anywhere else lockdown sort of style!  


    ......smoked salmon sandwiches are irresistible to a nutty Jack Russel terrier!

    We've also had a couple of nice coverings of snow this month and it's felt like a proper winter here.  I have to confess I do love the snow, it makes everything look magical.  There nothing quite like the crunch of snow underfoot on a winter walk.

                     E2B9DDCA-AE95-4D82-A30A-70C1B1D8B573   C70C826C-3574-48EF-853C-6BBDC9C5682C   05C72D4D-1EF4-46A8-B8A2-A263E2F2100F


    On to the business of textiles and the last few weeks have been spent in my cabin workshop, woodburner on,  preparing and curating some really scrummy DIY slow stitch packs for you to do yourselves at home.  The idea behind the packs is so that you can immerse yourself in a slow and gentle spot of mindful and theraputic sewing and become so absorbed in it that you can forget for a time what is going on outside in the least that's the plan. 

                                          1A14050D-5F17-43CB-9C83-4E7D7393320B      6A0F671C-EF93-439F-86E7-8F26B86E8F5C

    I have a choice of DIY projects for you, which can currently be found in the shop, from a small slow stitch cuff bracelet pack to a slow stitch book pack which is a much lengthier project and one that you can dip into and add to over many hours, days and weeks.They are not so much a sewing kit or craft kit but an inspiration pack to bring out your own ideas and style for embellishing the textile base.  I have shared some of my favourite vintage and antique textiles in some of the packs, from delicious fragments of antique lace to very fragile pieces of Edwardian quilt.  I am very much into reusing and recycling and imagine the stories these reclaimed textiles could tell, I love the fact that a little bit of history lives on in the projects I make and will do the same in your slow stitch work.  


    The Slow Stitch Book Pack - lots of delicious antique and vintage textiles & a French linen book base.


    My own example of the Slow Stitch Book is still very much a work in progress.  It's something that I'm enjoying picking up in the evenings and adding little bits favourite detective drama on TV, blanket over my knees and hot milky drink (or wine occasionally) get the picture.   I've spent many a mindful hour arranging the little pieces of textile in it until I'm happy with where they are and then sewing them on.

    F1E96721-98CE-4C22-9915-EA52541143F0_1_201_a  A617F909-566B-4EA4-9E76-367FE82EC19D_1_201_a  7F08F973-1B8E-4F8A-9C91-78033B74BDB4_1_201_a

    18166CCB-EDF3-4312-9587-6CD4641D2C91  6FB09BED-44B4-426C-AED3-3F7957A15365  DC5E4C97-8B77-4E70-AF2A-7D6EEA5493F2_1_201_a

    Here are a few more examples of the cuff bracelet and needle books...

       A5E7FEC4-6266-49B7-A8E6-EB9682ECACA6_1_201_a  4583B329-FD3E-441D-AAD3-B31FFB1FF0E1_1_201_a  95608097-7920-4E2C-BDD0-D9B4E5E13BA0_1_201_a

      CEA79475-9BD2-4685-AD1B-11140A21FCFA_1_201_a  71066C49-5854-4EB8-B68A-0268D9E011E0_1_201_a  B37B5787-C976-4C4D-A82E-D42DB0B1B969_1_201_a

    I really hope you enjoy your slow stitch project pack if you buy one and please get in touch should you like any help and advice.  I'd love to see your work should you wish to show it....I'm always blown away by my workshop and group attendees finished pieces as its so nice to see other styles and interpretations on a theme.


    ....and finally...... I only went and dragged myself into the 21st century and had my first Zoom meeting this week!  It's clear I still have a few things to learn about it but watch this space, I may get really smart and be able to hook up with some of you for some online stitchyness soon ;-) 



    I'd love to hear from you and how I did on my first blog,


    love, hugs and magical wishes, Suzanne xx