Postage/Shipping Information....... due to the way the website calculates shipping fees it may be possible that the calculated fee for your order is more that it should be. This isn't always the case and occasionally I lose out on shipping.

I am very fair on shipping costs and only charge what is necessary based on the size, weight and value of your order.....I will always ensure that the value of your order is insured so that in the event of it going astray in the mail system I can refund you.....and also I am not losing hours of work spent on making the items as most are very time consuming.  

Therefore if you have overpaid shipping charges by more than £1 GBP then I will refund the overpaid shipping back to you.     If you have any questions or would prefer a more accurate shipping quote before buying then please don't hesitate to get in touch wth me....via the website or social media.  Kind wishes, Suzanne x