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Slow Stitch pack with textile base - choose from Needlebook, Cuff Bracelet or Slow Stitch Book.

I’ve called these packs rather than kits as there are no detailed instructions…just the materials for you to create your own masterpiece and design on the textile base.  There are plenty of textile pieces in the pack for you to richly decorate your project and a small amount of thread to get you started.  I also include a small embroidery needle…so all you need are scissors and a few pins. 

I have not referred to the textile pieces as scraps as that suggests they are unwanted remnants when to me every fragment of textile however tiny is valuable and useful.  There may be some very small pieces in the pack and this is perhaps because I only have small amounts of these fabrics left but still wanted to include them as they are so lovely.

The majority of the textiles in the packs are vintage, some – such as the Edwardian quilt pieces in some of the packs are very fragile.   The bases for the needlebook and slow stitch book are made from heavier vintage french linen sheets or smocks (laundered).  The cuff bracelet bases are made from vintage cotton table cloths and are tea dyed by myself.  Some of the textiles have marks and discolouration as is expected for their age, all are clean.
All the bases have a 100% cotton wadding between the base/pages making it easy to applique and attach your textile and embroidery work onto.

I have tea dyed or stained with walnut ink some of the textiles in some of the packs and have used this technique on my slow stitch book example. 
I hope you enjoy spending a some slow, mindful and happy hours sewing.


*** At present I do not have any slow stitch packs available, keep checking back or having a peep on my social media to find out when new ones will be available***